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Embracing JOMO!

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Allow yourself to embrace JOMO!

While FOMO and YOLO were something we bragged about until recently, we now strive to lead more balanced lives and realise that the experiences we consume sometimes need a break in between and this "in-between" can be just as enjoyable as the adrenaline filled experiences.

To every trend, there is a counter-trend

I started appreciating JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) maybe a couple of years ago. It meant saying "no" without the load of guilt that usually came with it. Why guilt? While, I on one hand had Fear of Missing Out, on the other, it was the commitment I felt to not disappoint my friends, who expected me to . Then I realised... I often felt disappointed myself, because in fact while I was attending to the needs of my family and friends, I had neglected my own and I didn't feel happy for it. I now chose to preserve my energy and spend some nurturing time for myself.

We all need a little FOMO, FOBO, and JOMO in our lives

When I first read about JOMO, it was in a paper about Gez Z, but I can definitely see it in my Millenial circles as well. The truth no longer lies in FOMO, it is all about choosing wisely how and on whom you spend your energy, sometimes choosing to preserve it, instead of going to that brunch or party, recharging and enjoying the stillness of a lazy Sunday (or a Friday night!). Are you more FOMO or JOMO inclined? And while I enjoy my JOMO, I still don't think I am past the FOBO (fear of better options) but I am surely working on it. 

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